Friday, April 18, 2008

None the Worse

Wow. That was some storm system that moved through last night! I've not seen the radar look like THAT in a while. Those of you unfamiliar with N. Texas weather, well, it was a pretty typical spring storm system where the radar is a straight-line of red & purple from one end of this great state to the other. I was in Irving for a rehearsal as the sytem approached Dallas, but I was able to high-tail it home & beat it. Got Ezmerelda in the garage & the Escape as close to the house as possible. Thankfully, we had nothing but crazy wind & driving rain. All of the hail went around us. No damage to speak of. Then again, I couldn't see a darn thing this morning when I left in the dark. So who knows. But the fence must still be standing b/c the dog went out, took care of necessities, & came back in.

Looking forward to a nice, beautiful weekend - albeit maybe a little on the cool side. Should be perfect weather, though, for working in the yard. So we'll get those stupid weeds sprayed & I might even go buy flowers to perk up the patio. Other than that, we'll be spending the weekend at a crawfish boil.

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