Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Gang Initiation Warning

Remember my little incident a couple of weekends ago where I got bumped from behind at a stoplight? Yeah, so ... it COULD have been this {excerpted from an email I received}:

Date: 3/30/2008

All -

I did call the NW substation to confirm the information below...they did confirm that this was indeed true and was happening all over the metroplex. We have to be so careful!!!!

Family and friends,

We live in a sick world and we must share information as it comes out. DISD sent a message to all students warning them of New Gang initiations. So please read this short message below and pass along so others might have the same warning. I would even share this vital information Sunday morning during worship hour. You never know who's life it might save. Even your own life.


New gang initiation............they bump your car. You stop; they shoot you. This started last night (3/26/2008). Warn your family and friends. Letters are being passed out today in North Dallas schools.

If this happens to you you need to keep driving until you get to a public place where people are milling around. Do not stop! Call the police as you continue driving. Tell them where you are, what direction you are heading, and describe the car that bumped you if you can.

I'm SO glad we didn't get out to check out the car, that we kept driving, and that the guy who bumped us ultimately gave up the chase. This certainly COULD have been a lot worse - I'll take the scratches on the bumper, thanks.

This may be an urban legend ... in some respects. Then again, crazy stuff like this happens every day. My husband's co-worker got rammed by a lady last week who attempted to assault him, except she bit off a little more than she could chew - this guy was bigger than she was. While a bump & shoot/assault/rob scenario may not happen EVERY day, it does happen! We've seen appeals in our Court for such cases. Point is - a minor fender bender is never worth an altercation of any kind; take in the whole situation before you jump out of your car to tell the other guy what an idiot he is for running into you! So be smart & stay safe.

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