Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Gonna Need....

a weekend from my weekend! Friday night we had burgers with the neighbors b/c everyone was in the mood & we didn't have any other plans. There's really nothing like a homemade grilled burger, is there? Beats take-out any day!

Woke up before 7 on Saturday & couldn't go back to sleep. So I rolled out of bed & cleaned house. Got that done before lunch. Then we went to Home Depot for some flowers. Came home & planted those while Derek mowed the yard.

Had a crawfish boil in the evening for Mike & Kelli's birthdays. More than 100 lbs of crawfish and I think we only had about 5 lbs left by the time the night was over.

Today I wasn't called at the church job so we didn't set an alarm...which meant we didn't wake up until about 9:30. Made southwestern omelets and hashbrowns. Then I headed outside to spray the weeds while Derek mowed the backyard. Got all done with that & decided I would tackle the craphole formerly known as the garage. Derek "wasn't feeling motivated" so I ended up cleaning the whole thing by myself. Once the roads at the landfill dry out, we can take the last load of junk & finally be rid of it. In the meantime, we need to take the electronics to the special disposal station, which is somewhere in Garland I think, and the boxes of clothes to Goodwill. At some point, we may actually get to the cabinets to do the serious cleaning that needs to be done. Today I just got the garage organized & put away what I could for future sorting.

Now...I think I'll take a nap. But first I need to call mom about a place on my arm that looks suspiciously like a spider bite....and I'm not reacting well to it.

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