Saturday, April 12, 2008

ETA ... Early

So, Derek's managed to get to Chicago & home without any issues with AA. In fact, they were able to hop an early flight home this afternoon. I think he's due to land about 3ish.

Had a great time with Elise last night. The opera was ... interesting. We giggled our pants off the whole time. We were so worried we were disturbing people that we moved to the balcony at intermission. Out of control we were.

Today I've done almost all of the grocery shopping. Why is it that you can't get everything in one or two places but instead are forced to make Sam's, Wal-Mart, and at least one major grocery store? Aggravating sometimes. And, man, the cost of groceries has REALLY gone up. It's slowly been creeping for the last six months or so, but it was really noticeable today. Ouch. I read a great article in the Food Section of the Dallas News this week about using all of your leftovers & how to "rearrange" them into something completely different but still tasty. Leftovers are okay once, but they do get old. So the article was a great help on how to rearrange the leftovers into something new. I'll be using some of the pointers or hope to anyway. Gotta reduce the amount of things that get thrown away!

I should be cleaning house. But I'm feeling rundown today. I guess the crazy winds have blown in something new. So I'm going to scrap this afternoon & maybe clean tomorrow. It's a plan anyway.

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