Friday, April 18, 2008

Easy Being Green

I'm a firm believer in this theory: if every household makes at least one environmentally-conscious change, it DOES make a difference. So what changes has The Foxhole made? Glad you asked. We're BIG recyclers. The city switched to the big 40-gal polycarts for recycling. Ours is full to the brim every week. We really need two!

We've also begun the big change from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent. Our standard bulbs have actually been CFL for more than a year now. Finding specialty bulbs is a little trickier tho. We found globes for the bathroom "runway" fixtures (I hate those things!) about six months ago and this last weekend I found the candle-like bulbs for the dining room chandelier. Next up is all the exterior lighting.

What I'm most excited about is eliminating all the stupid plastic bags we get at stores these days. They're SOOOO annoying & they are now one of the top causes of suburban litter. Did you know that? They follow closely behind cigarette butts, gum, plastic water bottles, and aluminum cans. Anywho, I bought two sets of these great bags on Amazon today. I can't wait to show up at Wal-Mart with these!


Olga said...

you can buy the same totes from wal mart cash registers. They are $1/each. They are recycled and 1/2 of them are made out of recycled bottles. Dave and I bought those a while back and we take them to all the grocery stores including Sams Club. :

Susan said...

i knew i'd seen an ad somewhere. wal-mart, that's where. i didn't see them on my last trip (last weekend) tho. but if i find i need more than 20 bags, i know where to get more! they were about $1/pc from amazon, too.

JanaRae said...

I'm so excited that your city's gone Fort Worth's route of the big cart for recycling! Moving to Memphis, I'm back to the little bucket. But it's full every week!

I love my canvas bags. I've just got to work on remembering to take the to the store. Arg!

But thanks for the info on the expanded varieties of CFLs! :-)

Ben & Kara said...

Where do you find non-standard CFLs? The prior owners of our house remodeled it with about 12 different sizes of bulbs, none of them standard.

Susan said...

i've found ours at sam's & wal-mart. you can check the ge website for more retail locations

and i'm sure there's a website where you can buy all sizes direct, tho i don't know one off the top of my head