Monday, April 28, 2008

That's Answers That

Ever wonder why your cat (or dog) gives you the nth degree? This answers it, I think:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here & There

All in all, it's been a busy weekend. Friday night, Derek had to work late. So I came home & cleaned house. Got almost all finished by the time he got home. Made him some dinner, then we sat down & watched an unaired episode of Stargate SG1 we rented from XBox Live. That's what I call excitement!

Saturday, I got up early to run around with mom. We had a few things to do before heading out, so it was actually lunch before we got on our way. Made a detour at the dentist's office for my routine cleaning. Then we finally got to do a little shopping. Got home just in time to get ready to go hear the Verdi Requiem at the Meyerson - that's the best I've ever heard the orchestra & chorus sound (I could have taken or left the soloists)! The new conductor really IS exciting! I'm looking forward to the 08-09 season - there are some great things on the schedule (even a few that Derek might be interested in ... shocking, I know).

Today, I subbed for a fellow student from my studio. She went out of town & didn't want to leave her section uncovered. My paid gig was kind enough to "loan me out" in Marilyn's absence. The music was lovely, and I got lots of compliments & kudos for filling in. I felt like I did well.

Now I'm working on laundry & playing with some of the new stuff I got yesterday - I may get done with this Hawaii album yet! Later, we're going to dinner at Morton's with the neighbors - it's their anniversary & we have a great coupon for dinner ($99 for two!). Should be a nice evening.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quiet Evening

I was supposed to go to rehearsal tonight. BUT ... I decided to stay home instead. I know, shame on me. I could go into the myriad of reasons (some might say excuses) why I opted to stay home, but I'll spare you the gory details. In short, let's just leave it at I thought quality time with my spouse was more important.

I actually cooked dinner for him. He was happy. I haven't cooked in ... uh ... geez. When was it? One day the first of last week? A long time anyway. We opened a nice bottle of wine we'd been wanting to try (yummy!) & had a nice lingering dinner discussion. So, bad or not, I'll take that kind of quality time over rehearsal any day of the week!

And speaking of that, I've decided I'm giving up all of this crazy rehearsing. I really like my evenings at home. This three-day-a-week rehearsal schedule is for the birds! NO MORE ... after this round is done, that is. I mean, I do have commitments at this point, after all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have you...

thanked your secretary today? Well, it's Administrative Professionals' Day. So be sure you do something nice for your office staff. They deserve it ... today and every day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

What will you do for Earth Day?
Will you take the train or bus to work?
Start washing your laundry in cold water?
Just turn off a few more lights?
Every change makes a difference!

Not Your Common Recycling Item

Don't know what to do with the items that your recycling service won't pick up? Here are a few suggestions:

Area recycling: How to get rid of hard-to-recycle goods
03:10 PM CDT on Thursday, April 17, 2008
By PAIGE PHELPS / The Dallas Morning News

After the aluminum, plastic and glass have been sorted and placed in the appropriate recycling bin, what do you do about bulky or odd items such as paint, those annoying packing peanuts or that dead computer taking up precious garage space?

Before you pitch them in the regular trash, thus condemning them to a landfill where they will sit for an eternity, consider your options. There are plenty of companies that will pick up your junk for a fee, and plenty more that are begging you to pile everything you loathe into your car's trunk and just give it to them, at zero cost to you.

Properly disposing of the items listed below prevents toxic waste from seeping into our water supply.

Metro Foam Recycling, Inc.: 1628 Terre Colony Court, 214-231-3626
They won't come to you, but they accept foam-packaging materials such as Styrofoam (but, unfortunately, not those packing peanuts) and polyethylene, the pink or white foam that is squishier than Styrofoam. Free.

UPS Store: for locations, 1-800-Pick-UPS
Don't you hate it when you open a box and a flood of packing peanuts overwhelms you and your floor? Scoop them back up and return them to a parcel store, such as the UPS Store. Free.

DeBass Recycling: P.O. Box 116557, Carrollton,, 972-248-1679
For a monthly fee of $10, DeBass provides apartment and condo dwellers bimonthly pick-ups of all their recycling. A 12.5-gallon recycling bucket is included, and online and automatic payment are available.

BCD Electro Inc., 2525 W. Commerce St.,, 214-630-4298
On Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., BCD Electro will take electronics and other types of plastics and metals for recycling from individuals. Free.

Junk Lightning:, 972-786-5100
Don't want to haul your bulky recycling away? Junk Lightning will do it for you and on your time schedule. They'll take everything from old furniture to cardboard boxes to steel (no paint allowed), which they sell to various companies that in turn recycle the items. Pricing is dependent on size of the load but starts at $80.

Current Energy: 3103 Knox St., 469-533-7600
Central Dallas residents with dead batteries (any type) or burned-out compact fluorescent light bulbs have an easy option: Head to the Current Energy store on Knox Street and hand them in for recycling. Free.

Call2Recycle Boxes:, 877-2-Recycle
Nonprofit Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. has set up stations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area at participating retailers such as AT&T Mobility, Lowe's, Office Depot, Interstate Batteries and many more to collect your old rechargeable batteries, portable electronics, cordless power tools, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, digital cameras and camcorders, cellphones and even remote-control toys. Go to the Web site or call the hotline to find a drop-off point near you. Free.

Dallas Home Chemical Collection Center (HC3): 11234 Plano Road, 214-553-1765
Dallas residents may drop off their household chemical waste at the Home Chemical Collection Center (HC3), including pool and yard chemicals, craft and hobby supplies, batteries of all kinds, automotive fluids, oil filters, used motor oil, paint, home-repair products, household cleaners and chemicals, fluorescent light tubes and CFL bulbs, home computers, cellphones and any unused and expired pharmaceuticals. Do not bring common recyclables, electronics, or appliances. You must show your driver's license and a recent utility bill stub to prove residency. Free.

Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center: 6400 Bridge St., Fort Worth,, 817-871-5257
On Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., bring in your household waste for recycling. What they take: antifreeze, batteries, automotive wastes, cooking oil, craft chemicals, drain cleaner, fertilizer, fluorescent and CFL light bulbs, herbicides and pesticides, household chemicals, paints and thinners sorted by type (latex, oil-based and lead-based), pool chemicals and unused medications. What they don't take: electronics, tires or building materials. Bring a recent water bill as proof of residency. Neighboring cities participate in the program, but a voucher is required. For directions, hours or to find out if you need a voucher, go to the Web site or call 817-871-5257. Free.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Truth to Fluff

So there IS some truth to my most commonly uttered phrase: I'm fluffy for me.

Study: A normal BMI doesn't mean you aren't fat
12:40 PM CDT on Monday, April 21, 2008
The Los Angeles Times / reprinted in Dallas News Health Section

Do you have a "normal" body-mass index? You still may be fat.

"The definition of obesity is having excess fat," says Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and senior author of a study on what researchers are calling "normal-weight obesity." It was presented this month at the American College of Cardiology's annual science session in Chicago. "For years, we've been using BMI to diagnose obesity, but the first question we had was, 'Is it possible to be normal weight but have excess fat?' "

Researchers examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that among 2,127 men and women of normal weight, with BMIs between 18.5 and 24.9, almost half had excess fat – 20 percent of total body composition for men and 30 percent for women. (Although acceptable levels of body fat vary, most experts agree that these numbers are high.) Compared with those without excess fat, they also were 21/2 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome.

"Better than trying to do just an eyeball diagnosis, we probably need to measure body fat," Dr. Lopez-Jimenez says. "If people do have high body fat, it means that they might have similar cardiovascular risks as obese patients."


Just in case you were wondering...

So the suspicious looking place on my arm is still a little suspicious...and sore...and itchy, itchy, ITCH-E. The swelling & redness have gone down considerably from yesterday. There's still a knot underneath what could be bite marks. It's hard to think that something bit me & I didn't notice it. Which makes me think it didn't happen while I was outside but instead while I was sleeping. Still keeping an eye on it b/c it's an obvious allergic reaction to something - whether bite or sting or plant. Hydrocortisone is my friend!

All That Work and No Headache

Managed to get all that outside work done this weekend & avoided a headache. I finally remembered to implement the regimen my allergist has preached to me for the last 5 yrs. First off, I wore the goofy mask over my face. I maybe looked like an oriental dork, but I didn't breathe in nearly as much stuff that way. Then when I was all done, I immediately went inside & took a shower, washed my hair, and flushed my nasal cavity. And when it was all said & done, I didn't get a headache. Gee. Guess the dr really does know what he's talking about. =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Gonna Need....

a weekend from my weekend! Friday night we had burgers with the neighbors b/c everyone was in the mood & we didn't have any other plans. There's really nothing like a homemade grilled burger, is there? Beats take-out any day!

Woke up before 7 on Saturday & couldn't go back to sleep. So I rolled out of bed & cleaned house. Got that done before lunch. Then we went to Home Depot for some flowers. Came home & planted those while Derek mowed the yard.

Had a crawfish boil in the evening for Mike & Kelli's birthdays. More than 100 lbs of crawfish and I think we only had about 5 lbs left by the time the night was over.

Today I wasn't called at the church job so we didn't set an alarm...which meant we didn't wake up until about 9:30. Made southwestern omelets and hashbrowns. Then I headed outside to spray the weeds while Derek mowed the backyard. Got all done with that & decided I would tackle the craphole formerly known as the garage. Derek "wasn't feeling motivated" so I ended up cleaning the whole thing by myself. Once the roads at the landfill dry out, we can take the last load of junk & finally be rid of it. In the meantime, we need to take the electronics to the special disposal station, which is somewhere in Garland I think, and the boxes of clothes to Goodwill. At some point, we may actually get to the cabinets to do the serious cleaning that needs to be done. Today I just got the garage organized & put away what I could for future sorting.

Now...I think I'll take a nap. But first I need to call mom about a place on my arm that looks suspiciously like a spider bite....and I'm not reacting well to it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Easy Being Green

I'm a firm believer in this theory: if every household makes at least one environmentally-conscious change, it DOES make a difference. So what changes has The Foxhole made? Glad you asked. We're BIG recyclers. The city switched to the big 40-gal polycarts for recycling. Ours is full to the brim every week. We really need two!

We've also begun the big change from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent. Our standard bulbs have actually been CFL for more than a year now. Finding specialty bulbs is a little trickier tho. We found globes for the bathroom "runway" fixtures (I hate those things!) about six months ago and this last weekend I found the candle-like bulbs for the dining room chandelier. Next up is all the exterior lighting.

What I'm most excited about is eliminating all the stupid plastic bags we get at stores these days. They're SOOOO annoying & they are now one of the top causes of suburban litter. Did you know that? They follow closely behind cigarette butts, gum, plastic water bottles, and aluminum cans. Anywho, I bought two sets of these great bags on Amazon today. I can't wait to show up at Wal-Mart with these!

None the Worse

Wow. That was some storm system that moved through last night! I've not seen the radar look like THAT in a while. Those of you unfamiliar with N. Texas weather, well, it was a pretty typical spring storm system where the radar is a straight-line of red & purple from one end of this great state to the other. I was in Irving for a rehearsal as the sytem approached Dallas, but I was able to high-tail it home & beat it. Got Ezmerelda in the garage & the Escape as close to the house as possible. Thankfully, we had nothing but crazy wind & driving rain. All of the hail went around us. No damage to speak of. Then again, I couldn't see a darn thing this morning when I left in the dark. So who knows. But the fence must still be standing b/c the dog went out, took care of necessities, & came back in.

Looking forward to a nice, beautiful weekend - albeit maybe a little on the cool side. Should be perfect weather, though, for working in the yard. So we'll get those stupid weeds sprayed & I might even go buy flowers to perk up the patio. Other than that, we'll be spending the weekend at a crawfish boil.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Like Coffee?

Were you lucky enough to get one of those coupons for a free coffee at Starbucks every Wednesday between now & May 30th? If not, shame on you b/c you'll be missing out. The new Pike Place Roast is terrific!

Brewed Coffee Card
Introducing Pike Place Roast

Come try our new daily brew,
Pike Place Roast. It's roasted
fresh, ground fresh, and brewed
fresh every day.

All information above is registered trademark & copyrighted
Starbucks Coffee Company.

Always Growing

Had a terrific voice lesson last night. Of course, it helps that I feel so much better than I have in about a month - the pollen counts are down to 1700 as opposed to the 4000 of the last three weeks! While I was still tired after a work day, I had so much more energy to devote to my singing. We're currently preparing for a studio recital scheduled for mid-May. It's an opportunity for the younger students to get accustomed to singing in front of people, and it allows them to hear the "older" students, like me, sing some more difficult repertoire. All in all, it gives them something to look forward to & it keeps us working on building & growing in the repertoire.

Anywho, I was definitely settled on one aria but the rest of my program is up in the air. I have several arias that have been in my voice for many years but I've not performed any of them. We dug those out & I was amazed at how much easier they fell into my voice. The two we've worked on thus far - Vivaldi's "Alleluia" from O qui coeli terraeque serenitas (motet for soprano, mvt IV) and Gounod's "Juliet's Waltz" from Romeo et Juliette - are technically pretty difficult with quick runs throughout. I remember struggling with most of them when I first learned these pieces. They seemed to come so much more effortlessly now. These pieces can be real show-stoppers now, I think. I'm excited at the prospect!

I often wonder how much longer I will enjoy positive growth and development in my voice. Each year it grows - in sound, in depth, in color. At some point, I know that the changes will start marching in the opposite direction. But I hope that's many years down the road. If I'm diligent with my practicing and "good" singing, I look forward to another 30 years (at least!) of singing. It's truly a joy in my life - and not just because I can sing. Singing just makes me happy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Done with Monday

In the grand scheme of things, I can't complain too much about the end of a Monday, ya know? I had enough work to keep me occupied most of the day so that when I looked up it was almost 3 (I leave at 4). That certainly elicited a *whoop* from me! The second *whoop* came when I realized that I got to go home & do nothing.

Derek and I couldn't decide on dinner. I finally got hungry enough that I gave up on him making any kind of decision, so I just made myself a big fancy salad with the leftover grilled halibut while he was still pondering what he wanted. He finally decided on the "fancy sandwich and french fries" I'd offered more than an hour earlier.

I actually accomplished a few things last night, too. Go me! I don't know about you, but I really hate wasting bread. Especially when it's the expensive good-for-you bread like we buy. So when the bread gets kinda hard & a little mushy (I keep it in the fridge so it doesn't mold so you get a mix of hard & mushy), I make seasoned bread crumbs out of it. It's not the thick bread or I'd make croutons too, but I'm not a fan of wimpy know, those little ones that you get on the pizza buffet. So anyway, I made it through about half of the stale bread (geez, I'd let my stale bread problem get out of hand; I think I still have another few hours of work on that!) when I decided it was time to go to bed.

I even multi-tasked last night. While each batch of bread was getting crispy in the oven, I worked on folding the clean laundry. Wish I could say it got put away, but we didn't get that far. But in the grand scheme of things, getting it folded is much harder than putting it away.

And that, folks, is an exciting evening at the house of Fox. Don't you wish you could have one too?!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

Had a blast at the youths' dessert auction last night. The show was terrific. We really have a talented group of kids! Dessert was wonderful. And I came home with a little more than I bargained for, but hey, it was for a good cause! Altogether the kids made $6,000 on the auction. That puts a big dent in the expenses for the Memphis trip in June.

This afternoon, Derek & I met one of my college friends & his wife for lunch. Neither of us had met the other's spouse; plus it has been ages since we've seen each other to catch up. He's in town for two weeks for job training & his wife flew in for the weekend to visit. We "parked" at our lunch table for about three hours & had a great time visiting. Derek was a little reluctant to go to lunch but ended up having a terrific time in the end.

Other than that, didn't get any outside work done b/c it was too windy. Hopefully it will be calm enough tomorrow to get some stuff done. We did get a few loads of laundry washed & dried - they're still waiting to be folded - hey, dinner called & then I just never got back to it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ETA ... Early

So, Derek's managed to get to Chicago & home without any issues with AA. In fact, they were able to hop an early flight home this afternoon. I think he's due to land about 3ish.

Had a great time with Elise last night. The opera was ... interesting. We giggled our pants off the whole time. We were so worried we were disturbing people that we moved to the balcony at intermission. Out of control we were.

Today I've done almost all of the grocery shopping. Why is it that you can't get everything in one or two places but instead are forced to make Sam's, Wal-Mart, and at least one major grocery store? Aggravating sometimes. And, man, the cost of groceries has REALLY gone up. It's slowly been creeping for the last six months or so, but it was really noticeable today. Ouch. I read a great article in the Food Section of the Dallas News this week about using all of your leftovers & how to "rearrange" them into something completely different but still tasty. Leftovers are okay once, but they do get old. So the article was a great help on how to rearrange the leftovers into something new. I'll be using some of the pointers or hope to anyway. Gotta reduce the amount of things that get thrown away!

I should be cleaning house. But I'm feeling rundown today. I guess the crazy winds have blown in something new. So I'm going to scrap this afternoon & maybe clean tomorrow. It's a plan anyway.

Friday, April 11, 2008


So...Derek made it to Chicago - albeit 2 hrs delayed due to the storm system that blew through here & made it up there last night around rush hour. According to the news, most of the MD80 issues should be resolved by tomorrow. We'll see. Derek won't be pleased if he has to find alternate means getting home!

I did indeed stay home last night. I finally had the Chinese food I've been craving for several weeks now. Yum. Worked on a rehearsal tape for a co-worker & then scrapped and went to bed early. Exciting stuff here, folks. When will the pollen counts go down?!

Tonight, I'm going with my friend Elise to an opera put on by a local company at the Lakewood Theatre. Should be interesting if it's anything like the last opera this company put on! But the visit will be fun nonetheless.

Tomorrow I'm sleeping late & then doing all the necessary housework and grocery shopping. Hopefully I'll have time to goof around & do some more scrapping - I'm trying to get the Hawaii trip finished. Might not though since I'm going to a dessert auction at 7pm. Might have to wait until Sunday.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Sirens?

So are we the only ones who've slept through the storms the last two nights? Judging by the answers of everyone I've asked, yep. Don't ask me how we've managed to sleep through the shake-you-out-of-bed thunder or duck-and-run-for-cover sirens ... because I haven't a clue. I am a pretty sound sleeper, but things like that usually do at least make me stir. But the last two nights, we might as well have blown away b/c there was nothing but Zzzzzzzzzzzzz coming from our house! But that being said, we've escaped the big storms with little more than rain (at least that we know of). So that's good news.

Derek's off to Chicago today. He's nervous about that trip b/c he's not sure whether he'll get there & get back. Why, you ask? Well, he's due to fly on an AA MD80. You know, the ones involved in the FAA fix-it-or-else thing. At this point, it looks like he'll get to Chicago. Everything seems to be running on time at this point. Let's hope it's the same on the return trip on Saturday!

I'm supposed to go to Chorale tonight, but my allergies really have me down today. So I'm likely going to stay home & get some extra rest. Which basically means I'm going to eat whatever leftovers are in the fridge & veg in front of the tv until I wake myself up talking in my sleep. Fun, right?!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stormy Weather

On the upside, I got to stay home last night. Turns out, I have a conflict for Saturday & can't sing the gala - the scheduling was too tight to allow me to make both functions. It works out best in the end. So instead of rehearsing last night, I went home & put on my pjs and did nothing. A good night indeed.

Today, it's supposed to rain cats & dogs. Thankfully, the day is starting dry. So I should get to work dry. It's supposed to be wet & sloppy for the next three days. Makes for good sleeping weather. But work & rehearsals call.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Beginning of Busy Week

So I just realized this morning that I have somewhere to be every night this week. *Sigh* I don't really like weeks like that. Oh well. Gotta suck it up, I guess. Had a nice, restful weekend. I did absolutely nothing productive, unless you count lots of hours in the craft room productive.

Friday night I went to dinner with my neighbor since both our husbands were gone on their boys weekend at the races. Tried out a great new South American restaurant in Rowlett -- Maya. Fabulous! I highly recommend it. It's hard to imagine such an upscale restaurant making it in Rowlett, but with food that good, I really hope it does. I had the carne asada - YUM. The place fills up fast, so go early unless you want to wait.

Saturday it was so nice to sleep in. I finally gave in to Meeko's whining to get up about 9:30. He can be obnoxious when he thinks he's been resting too long. Of course, what did he do when I let him out of the bedroom to face the day? Went & found a sunny spot and promptly took a nap - brat! I worked on the Hawaii scrapbook once I finally got up. In the evening, I met my aunt & cousin for dinner in Southlake - it was my cousin's 16th birthday. Hadn't seen them in a while, so it was great catching up.

Sunday I fell victim to my "smart" alarm clock. I bought it before the new time change schedule went into effect, so it's still confused & changes time on the wrong weekends. Under the old schedule, this would have been the weekend to spring forward. So I think I've slept in again only to find that I'm up an hour earlier than I intended. Oh well. I was already done with my hair by the time I realized it. So I played in the craft room until it was time to go to church. I dashed from church to Sulphur Springs to hear the Choral Society's hymns & spirituals concert - terrific music, as usual. Had an early dinner with mom, dad, & Granny after the concert. We had plenty of time to visit & be silly.

And that brings us to today ... and the busy week. Derek comes home sometime today. I know the critters are looking forward to it. They wait by the door in the evenings for him. By yesterday, I think they'd finally given up the ghost. Tonight, I rehearse with my accompanist for a gala benefit I'm singing on Saturday. Right now, it's time to get on the road.

Friday, April 04, 2008

That's a Record

So yesterday I had 123 hits on The Foxhole. That, dear folks, is a record! As you can imagine, a lot of them were from searches about the bump & shoot gang initiation, which naturally led them to my post from a couple of days ago. Obviously, the word is out & people are looking for verification ... just like I did. There are some urban legends out there with remotely similar details, but none of them match up exactly with the email I received that prompted my post. So we're all left to wonder of the validity of the story. But more importantly, I think it reminds us all to be careful & be observant!

In other news, my allergies are in full form. But that's not really news, is it? *Sigh* Seems to be the norm as of late. Poor Dori is suffering too. Along with all of my other friends with allergies. So I guess there's some comfort in knowing I share the misery with others.

Derek's at the races with "the boys" this weekend. I think they survived the early morning storms - I haven't heard otherwise anyway. So I have the house to myself this weekend. And there's not that much on the plate. Sunday is kinda busy but otherwise I can do some fun stuff in the craft room. I already have my to-do list ready and ideas in hand. Can't wait.

We've officially filed an extension on our taxes. It takes me many hours to gather all of our information & get it organized for the accountant since we both claim some form of self-employment income/deductions. And while I'm sure it takes the accountant equally as many hours to prepare our return, I know he loves to see my notebook coming b/c he knows that everything is in order - categorized, labled, tabbed, and with accompanying (detailed, itemized) spreadsheets. I am my accountant's dream client!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Gang Initiation Warning

Remember my little incident a couple of weekends ago where I got bumped from behind at a stoplight? Yeah, so ... it COULD have been this {excerpted from an email I received}:

Date: 3/30/2008

All -

I did call the NW substation to confirm the information below...they did confirm that this was indeed true and was happening all over the metroplex. We have to be so careful!!!!

Family and friends,

We live in a sick world and we must share information as it comes out. DISD sent a message to all students warning them of New Gang initiations. So please read this short message below and pass along so others might have the same warning. I would even share this vital information Sunday morning during worship hour. You never know who's life it might save. Even your own life.


New gang initiation............they bump your car. You stop; they shoot you. This started last night (3/26/2008). Warn your family and friends. Letters are being passed out today in North Dallas schools.

If this happens to you you need to keep driving until you get to a public place where people are milling around. Do not stop! Call the police as you continue driving. Tell them where you are, what direction you are heading, and describe the car that bumped you if you can.

I'm SO glad we didn't get out to check out the car, that we kept driving, and that the guy who bumped us ultimately gave up the chase. This certainly COULD have been a lot worse - I'll take the scratches on the bumper, thanks.

This may be an urban legend ... in some respects. Then again, crazy stuff like this happens every day. My husband's co-worker got rammed by a lady last week who attempted to assault him, except she bit off a little more than she could chew - this guy was bigger than she was. While a bump & shoot/assault/rob scenario may not happen EVERY day, it does happen! We've seen appeals in our Court for such cases. Point is - a minor fender bender is never worth an altercation of any kind; take in the whole situation before you jump out of your car to tell the other guy what an idiot he is for running into you! So be smart & stay safe.

Healthy Husky

For anyone interested, Dori went for her six-month check-up yesterday. All of her levels are within normal range, so we continue her meds at current dosages. And ... she now weighs 55 lbs - finally back up to her normal weight. Yay for a good report! About the only thing Miss Dori can complain about right now is her allergies - and she's in very good company there b/c we're all suffering right now - so she's not getting to play outside as much as she would like ... or go for long walks. We hope the pollen counts come down soon so we can all get some more exercise!

{For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about - Dori was diagnosed with hepatitis six months ago. She's been on three medications since then. This appointment was to be sure all liver and enzyme levels were normal & no dosage changes were needed.}

Consider Being a Sponsor

You may or may not remember Truman's story. He was born at just 23 weeks and weighed just a little over a pound. He struggled for a long while in the NICU but ultimately went home (on his due date) a happy, healthy baby. What you may not know is that Truman's success is a direct result of the March of Dimes. Please support Team Truman as they walk to raise money to further research that will help other micropremies. Just click on the banner & you'll go directly to the Team Truman site.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Congrats to Derek who made quota for the third month in a row! He's officially 14% over quota for the entire first quarter of 2008. And that's no foolin'! Yippee!