Thursday, March 20, 2008

'Tis Busy

It's Holy Week. In the life of a church singer, that equals BIZ-E! But what wonderful music this time of year. So it's hard to get grumpy about all of the extra (late...and early) rehearsals.

We've begun drying out from the early-week rain. I believe I heard totals near 6" for our area, but some parts of Dallas got close to 8! Crazy. The yard was dry enough to mow yesterday (thanks, Derek) so we (the royal "we" .... which really translates to Derek) can get the weed-n-feed down before it rains again on Sunday. (We're using liquid weed-n-feed this time since we have sooooo many weeds thanks to our lazy neighbors. I'll let you know if it's any better than the granules.) Poor Ezmerelda is filthy after all this rainy weather. Hopefully I can wash her on Saturday - yes, I know I just said it's going to rain on Sunday...but I'm busy between now & then and if I wait to wash the car until it stops raining, it'll be summer!

Did you guys see the moon setting this morning? WOW! Gorgeous! Wish I'd had time to go back inside for my camera & could have snapped a photo. Today's the first day of spring - what a way to begin!

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