Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Quiet

Now that the High Holy Season has concluded, I'll get a little break from all the running. The music was splendid. I think the congregation would agree.

As you can imagine, this weekend was kinda busy. I've already told you about Friday. Saturday began bright & early with a rehearsal. The rest of the day was mine. (Derek went to a Stars game with one of his docs & a friend - he won tickets off the radio ... he always does that. But they ultimately sat with the doc b/c his seats were much better.) I could have cleaned while I was home alone ... but I didn't. I made cards instead - hey, those had to get done too. =) Once the threat of a sunburn waned (i.e. sometime after 4 pm), I went out & washed Ezmerelda. She's all nice & shiny now. The scratches are definitely there but maybe not as bad as I originally thought - though they will still likely result in an entire repainting of the bumper! After singing all morning Sunday, I had another afternoon to enjoy. I did laundry & vegged in front of the tv. Exciting, right?

This week, all is quiet. I have a voice lesson tomorrow in preparation for a big piece I'll solo on Sunday. Otherwise, I have nowhere to be - yay! I have grand plans for catching up on the cleaning that I've neglected the last several (busy) weeks. And to Derek's delight, I'll actually cook this week.

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