Sunday, March 30, 2008

Productive Weekend

I finally got the house cleaning done. And it didn't take as long as I thought it might -- considering how long I'd neglected things. Actually got all that done yesterday around noon, so I got to spend the rest of the weekend doing what I wanted to do ... which has equaled lots of time in the craft room.

Despite being on call, Derek's had a relatively quiet weekend. He's done a few cases - all his - but otherwise he's gotten to hang around the house. Not that he's doing anything very home-y b/c "I'm on call." Hrrrumph. But, of course, if we planned to get something done, inevitably he would have to go to work. Good ol' Murphy at work.

Soloed in church today. Went very well. My parents even drove in, which was really nice. We had lunch at Salt Grass. Yum. I highly recommend the sirloin/shrimp special they're running right now. Delicious!!!! with a capital D!

I've enjoyed having a weekend where I didn't have to be anywhere. I slept in really late yesterday for a change. Of course, I had to get up early this morning. But all in all, it's been a restful & productive weekend. I get a few more days of quiet before things pick up again with three-day-a-week rehearsals.

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