Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Wine Find

For ye fellow oenophiles out there, we found our new favorite table wine. And it just happens to be the house wine at Nick & Sam's Steakhouse, which is how we happened upon this beauty in the first place. We welcome to our house today an entire stash - sure to last at least until summer. So come on over & have a sip with us. Everyone we've introduced to this one has loved it as much as we have. Want more technical info (a/k/a winespeak)? There's a small blurb here. What's not to love about a great wine for less than $15???

1 comment:

sarahk said...

Our favorites are Meridian chardonnay and Clos du Bois chardonnay. Both of those are under $10. Can't beat that! Especially when Meridian's on sale for $6. Now if we could spend $25 or so on a bottle of wine, then we'd be talking De Loach.