Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mostly Settled

So mom & dad took away the extra piece of furniture from the office -- now known as the office/library. And that means that I was finally able to set things up the want I want them (mostly). There are still some things that need to be done in there -- painting, adding some extra lighting (probably a floor lamp in the corner by the sofa), blah, blah. But for all intents & purposes, you can now curl up in there with a good book or work or an opera score or whatever. AND we now have another guest bed. That brings us up to sleeping 5 extra people. Not that we've ever needed to sleep that many, but hey, we're prepared. Anywho, a few photos of what it looks like now -- sorry, didn't think to take any before shots.


JanaRae said...

Looks grand! And I love that shelf. It gives me a great idea of what I need in my guest room. :-)

Susan said...

an ikea special. love it!