Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How You Know It's Spring

A few signs that spring is upon you:

  1. Your lawn is green - not because the grass is growing but because your dandelions (you know, the ones the neighbor down the street shared with you last summer when they refused to mow their lawn for months on end...jerks) pop up overnight, turn your yard yellow with their ugly heads the following day, and then promptly turn into seed-spewing puffs the day after that.
  2. The stupid pear trees burst forth in bloom (achoo!).
  3. You have snow twice in one week. (Hey, this is Texas, after all - don't like the weather...hang around a minute.)
  4. While cleaning up the yard before mowing, you scare up a group of baby cottontails & decide to put them in a box for safe keeping while you mow the lawn & then let them go on their merry way when all is safe (after petting them & telling them how cute they are first, of course). {Sorry - no photos =( }
  5. You could make enough blankets out of all the hair you are now finding on your floor, your furniture, your clothes, and every other surface in your house to keep a small third world country warm. (So I have a few shedding critters...sue me.)
  6. You stumble around in a sleep-deprived stupor for at least a week after the time changes.
  7. And last but not least, your allergies are in full-bore overloading tilt!

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I love dandelions :)
I know I know I still find them so pretty
they remind me of my childhood