Thursday, March 06, 2008

Has TX migrated?

Come on! We have 100% chance of snow today and tomorrow with accumulations somewhere between 1 & 4 inches. With 4 to 6 predicted for the cities near the Red River. Yep. You did read that right. It's crazy. I really can't remember a year like this one. We've had the weirdest weather. I mean, yesterday it was in the 70s!

Here's the real scoop on the weather from the National Weather Service (in case you're interested).

This hazardous weather outlook is for North Texas.

Day and tonight.
Rain will begin mixing with snow this afternoon along and north of I-20. A snow advisory is in effect from interstate 20 northward. This afternoon through early Friday morning. accumulations from 1 to nearly 4 inches will be possible in the advisory area...with the highest amounts along the Red River. Elsewhere across North Texas...rain will change to snow late this afternoon and tonight. Expect snow accumulations from a trace to around half an inch.

Day two...Friday
Snow will be ongoing early Friday morning across the majority of North Texas. Accumulations after midnight Friday morning will range from a dusting to around 2 inches...with the greater amounts across northeast portions of North Texas. Flurries will linger after sunrise Friday and continue through Friday night across North Texas.

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