Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday Night Adventures

So last night, I went to a bridal shower. One of my friends who lives close-by rode with me b/c neither of us were sure where we were going, and given the part of town we'd be driving in, we thought it would be best for the two of us to go together. As you may know, I can't go anywhere without taking the scenic route ... even if I've scoped it out on Google Maps. But this time, I left that to the navigator who had pulled a map from the Evite. So we set out on our adventure, and naturally we wander around b/c the directions are wrong! We're now lost in the hospital district off I-35. (Sketchy area, in case you didn't know.) So we're stopped at a stop light looking at the map, which naturally is just a blow-up of the one section of town we "need" instead of the larger area we really NEEDED. The light turns green, but I don't see it immediately b/c I'm busy checking out the map with Heather ... when all of a sudden, I feel a bump.

S-Did that guy just hit me?
H-Are you sure you didn't just slip off the clutch?
S-I don't think so.

{Scoping out the other driver in my rearview mirror.}

(Hispanic male. Alone. Driving a junker. Nope. Probably not a good idea to get out & see if he actually hit me. Probably doesn't have insurance anyway.)

S-Let's just keep driving. The guy probably doesn't have insurance anyway. And maybe it was just me. I hope.

So this guy tales us for a while and then pulls off on a side street really fast. After so more driving around, we do finally make it to our destination. And get out and check out the car. (Hoping he hadn't actually bumped me.) This is what we find.
S-That sorry bastard DID hit me! Derek's not gonna be happy. This really pisses me OFF!

In hindsight, Heather & I concluded several things:
  1. You can bet your paycheck this guy did NOT have insurance.
  2. It's entirely possible he hit me out of road rage b/c I didn't go immediately when the light turned green.
  3. OR he may have hit me on purpose in one of those fender-bender scams. (Think about it ... two girls all dolled up & in a Lexus. Seems like an easy target for goods to me.)
While it's gonna be a pain to get the bumper fixed & it's definitely gonna cost me some money, it could have cost me a lot more. So I'll take my licks & consider myself fortunate that I actually used my head in a "situation" for once.

I'll keep ya posted (on the pain that will be) the repair process.

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