Sunday, March 02, 2008

Clean Closets?

Nope, not yet completely finished with this ongoing project. But now that the office/library is ready, I can drag everything out of that closet & finally get that one crossed off the list. In the meantime, I have two other rooms in disarray b/c we had to make room for the sofa to go in & the armoire to come out. Once I get the office closet clean, everything scattered to & fro can find a permanent home. So I'll be working on that over the next week or two. Then I can move on to other closets.

I did do some cleaning in our bathroom cabinets. It's amazing what you shove under there. Derek's side is completely reorganized. I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet & drawer. There were meds that just needed to go b/c they were WAY out of date. And some of the more dangerous things needed to move from the drawer to the medicine cabinet b/c you just never know when you're going to have little two-legged (and nosey) company. And I would hate to be responsible for a little person ODing on something I had down in an accessible place.

Meanwhile, Derek's begun the great garage clean-up. How does it get in such a disastrous state? A lot of the junk is boxes that need to be broken down & put out for recycling to pick up. Then it's just a matter of cleaning out the cabinets & putting things where they go. And once it's clean, it WON'T get like this again! No sir! Derek's work truck will finally have a home in the garage.

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