Friday, March 28, 2008

Best Brother EVER

Okay, so I have the best brother ever. No really. I do. He really came through last night. Derek got home from work late (about 6:30ish). Unbeknownst to me, he, in his infinite wisdom (which I won't rant about...I mean, go into here), takes an Ambien. Apparently, he hasn't been sleeping the last several nights. And being the big guy that he is (6'5" & about 240), it takes a while for the Ambien to kick in, so he took it when he got home so he'd be ready to sleep after dinner. Long about 8ish, Derek gets a phone call from his big account (about 40 min. away) saying that they want to do a $14,000 foot frame....NOW. Awesome. Except for that little pill called Ambien. He explains that he can't drive b/c he's had an Ambien "but you're still coming, right?" Of course he is. But I can't drive Derek b/c I can barely stay awake myself and I'm even worse at staying awake behind the wheel when I'm already zonked. Frank's busy on kid duty. And Skeet and Dan are MIA somewhere in Rowlett. Crap. So I tell Derek to call my brother. He's the next closest option. Thankfully, David agrees to drive Derek to Greenville, wait on the case to finish, and drive him back home. The case went flawlessly. They got home after midnight and both had to be at work this morning. A big kudos to my brother for coming to the rescue!

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Anonymous said...

Now don't give him the big head. You owe him! MOM