Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Early?

We enjoyed a very nice Valentine's Day. We began a tradition several years ago with the neighbors - we have a nice dinner together. And the menu tends to remain the same, too - a nice wine, great steak, potatoes, something green, and yummy cupcakes for dessert. And as usual, we stayed up a little late for a work night. But we always enjoy each other's company, and this year was no exception.

This weekend will be kinda hectic. Remember that wonderful sofa I ordered for the office that would take at least six weeks to arrive? Yeah, well, in usual Murphy fashion, it's early - like three weeks early! So the steady cleaning of the office will turn to frantic this weekend as we get everything cleared out for the delivery next week. Anyone need a tv stand? Seriously. I have to get rid of the bloody thing. I may trump Derek & put the thing on Craig's List. (Does anyone else have a husband who gets paranoid about being robbed by someone coming to buy something you listed on Craig's List?! Sure, there are horror stories. But I think the honest-to-goodness incidents are few & far between. Besides, you don't have to meet the person at your house. You can choose to meet in a neutral location. And for goodness sake, don't carry any valuables with you if you're that worried about the whole robbery issue. Gracious.)

All in all, I guess it's a good weekend to be stuck in the office going through five hundred years' worth of paper. We're supposed to have cruddy weather all weekend - rain, wind, cold weather.

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Olga Foster said...

we sell stuff on craigs list all the fact we sold a piece of furniture on craigs list yest and noone has robbed us worries.