Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekends finally got here. I swear, I had week of Mondays. And the Friday workday dragged on FORever! So now it's Friday night, and what am I doing? Uh-huh. That's right. Cleaning. Ugh. But unfortunately, I've neglected doing that for a week or two (I dare not tell you how long it's actually been) so there was no alternative. Derek's gone to a business dinner. There's nothing on tv. So...put on some tunes & do the dance-clean. You've seen the commercials. The ones where the girl is dancing with the vacuum? Yep. That would be me. Well, right now, I'm taking a break b/c I'm addicted to the internet.

I digress. Back to the weekend babble. Have to get the house clean b/c company's comin' tomorrow. If you count family as company. And I do. Mom & dad are coming around lunch. Dad's gonna see if the fireplace guy was blowin' a lot of smoke when he told us we need about $900 worth of repair work done. Mom & I are going to play in the scrap room. Somewhere in there, I have to go prompt the kids' musical dress rehearsal at church. David & Olga are coming later. And then we're all gonna eat fried fish. And mom & dad go home with a new piece of furniture.

Sunday's a crazy day. Singing the late service. Prompting the kids' musical in the afternoon. Then I'm maybe gonna hang around for the gospel concert in the evening (by an honest-to-goodness African-American we're talkin' REAL gospel music, folks! Not the sissy stuff you & I try to pass off as gospels & spirituals.). It'll be a good concert. But I may be pooped after dealing with OPKs (other people's kids) all weekend.

Real exciting usual.

If you think of it, say a little prayer for my friend Heather who had her gallbladder removed yesterday. It's a laparoscopic procedure, but it still hurts like the devil, thank you very much!

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