Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks for Sharing

Went to the opera last night & saw Porgy and Bess. What a terrific show. The cast was fantastic. All fabulous singers, dancers, and actors. What was especially exciting was to know several on the stage. Two of the chorus sang with us in Living Opera productions. And the detective. Well, I knew him as a wee child. Ha. Wouldn't Vic love to hear me say that?! I graduated with his sister, and we all treated him like our little brother. He broke in his acting chops with us. I was his monkey in the one-act play Aladdin. Good times. He had talent then, and he's done nothing but get better! I'm pretty proud of Vic, as I know his family is too. If you have a chance to see the show, go. It's worth it.

Today, I'm home with a major sore throat. I'm hoping it's allergies. But Derek's cold started this way. Rats. I was hoping to avoid it. We'll see. Anyway. I thought a day at home resting might help ward it off - maybe not completely but hopefully mostly?! The regimen (talked about that yesterday) certainly won't hurt either.

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