Monday, February 25, 2008

In the Office

And now the sofa has found its home in the office. And it got there completely unscathed. I have no idea how the boys got it in there (but a huge thanks to them for doing it!). They sent me away. I think I was making them nervous or something. Anyway. Come to find out, the dimensions listed in the catalog were on the small side. Yep. You read that right. When it was all said & done, the sofa was bigger than it was supposed to be. So that means, it was a) a much tighter squeeze getting it into the (tiny) office than I thought it would be and b) it takes up a lot more room in the (tiny) office than it was supposed to. And ultimately, that means I'll probably be losing a piece of furniture and the office will become a reading/guest room rather than an honest-to-goodness office. Nothing wrong with that really. The piece of furniture we're contemplating losing (a computer armoire) is not really being used like it once was. The things in it can move other places (the craft room, the filing cabinet, a closet). I just have to wrap my head around it & decide if I really want to part ways with it. Good news is, I know my mom is looking for a similar piece of furniture & would definitely be interested in it if I do decide to get rid of it. Whew - no dealing with Craig's List again!

Speaking of which, this weekend I finally started getting some nibbles on the tv stand. Geez. People are slow. No absolute takers yet (sniff). But I hope that the one guy with the outstanding offer ultimately shows up cash-in-hand & takes it. If not, mom's listed it on the local Trading Post to see if there's interest there. One way or another, I'd like to be rid of it by this weekend. I'm hopeful.

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