Monday, February 18, 2008


I heart holidays. They're sometimes few & far between. This is that time of year. So today is Presidents' Day. I won't launch into anything about that. I'll just let that sleeping dog lie, thanks.

Anyway. Today, I've been up & out already. Had an annual visit to the allergist. Went fine. Keep doing what I'm doing & maybe the crazy weather will get better. Made a few stops by the grocery on my way home. Think we're set for a while. Now the rest of the day is mine. Haven't cleaned house yet this weekend, so maybe I'll do that. I have some stuff I need to do in the craft room too. And I really need to practice for my voice lesson tomorrow. We'll see, of those three, what wins out.

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JanaRae said...

I DO miss those holidays! (But I'd not trade 'em for what I get in December & the summer---even if I do have to spend a lot of that time writing/grading/researching.) :-)