Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Day for Some

So ... get to work this morning to all kinds of interesting things. Number one, there's all kinds of insulation and ladders and such on the floor in the front entryway to the office. Weird. Did somebody do night construction & forget to clean up after themselves? Typical. So I'm making my morning rounds to the bosses' offices delivering mail & all that jazz. Here's kinda how things went. Keep in mind this is about 7:15am & I'm really not awake yet.

(Take a gander up the hall as usual. Go into an office.)
SF: Huh?
SF: Wait. That was weird.
(Come back out of the office. Look back up the hall)
(Sees all of the chairs & junk in the hallway)
SF: Well, isn't that just typical of the cleaning people. Do some cleaning but don't clean up after themselves.
(Goes in another office)
SF: Wait. There was something else odd about that scene.
(Exits office. Looks back up hallway)
SF: Those look distinctly like fans.
SF: Like the ones we get when we have a flood.

{Sidebar - our floor floods on a regular basis. By regular, I mean, like, once every four months or so. And it usually hits areas of importance. Like last time. When it got the computer geek's domain & took out some servers. Oh the craphole we work in!}

(Make my way down to that end of the office)
SF: Yep, those are definitely fans. And they're definitely on.
(Starts peeking in offices)
SF: Whoa. Check out those books. Totally soaked!
(More looking)
SF: Yuck. Wonder if C knows that her office flooded last night?
SF: Hmm. Wonder if it was that big main that runs in the maintenance closet?

So I stop by a co-worker's office on my way back down the hall. She tells me that the flooded area is "off limits." (Whoops - guess I should have waited on my email to come up before I went down there. Whatevs. It's not like everyone won't be down there checking it out later anyway, particularly since there's an email instructing us NOT to ... We're such kids!)

Later on, the admin comes in & gives me the low-down. Apparently, the main hot water line was the culprit. It burst on three floors and thus flooded at least six floors by the time it was all said & done. This is par for the course in a government building.

Admin: The guys realized there was an issue about 3 but didn't tell anyone. They "thought they could fix it" before anyone had any issues.
SF: Typical. And they were wrong, as usual.
Admin: I first got word about 4 when someone used the bathroom & noticed water coming out of the wall where there used to be that water fountain that maintenance capped off. At that point, it wasn't that bad, but the water was definitely moving fast. So I tried to think "containment" and called Kiwi to come out. I'm glad I called when I did.
SF: Really.
Admin: It took them about 30 min to get to us. In that time, maintenance decided to "bust the wall down and get to the shut-off valve." I told them to do whatever they had to do to stop the water.
Admin: Well, that turned out to be a mistake. As soon as they got the wall down, the water exploded across K's office.
SF: No way.
Admin: We just thought we had water before. Now we have a geyser. "Gee, there ISN'T a shut-off valve here." Great. We did manage to contain most of the water to three offices, but all the offices on that end got drenched.
SF: Can you imagine if it had happened after hours?
Admin: That was what maintenance said b/c they run a skeleton crew after 5. There wouldn't have been enough man-power to get it contained as quickly. Nevermind, it took us more than FOUR HOURS to get it contained as it was. That was when they finally gave the okay to shut off the water. Which I had been yelling at them to do from the get-go.

Long story short, that whole end of the office got a free day at home today b/c the carpet people treated everything so it won't grow fungus & mold...that and everything was still soaked today. Rats. The rest of us were good little government workers. Still ... I'll keep my dry office. Thanks.

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