Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dreaded Day

Sincere condolences to my friend & co-worker Carol who had to put one of her dogs down yesterday. I could give the story, but I think it's better in Carol's own words.

It is with a heavy heart and quite swollen eyes that I write to tell you that tonight, Mike and I lost one of our best friends. Elliott was ten years and three months old when we decided his poor little (okay, not so little) body had quite literally had enough. For the past several years, he had Cushing’s with “impressive” adrenal tumors (trust me, you do not want your pet to have anything that causes a vet to use the word “impressive”). The disease caused, among other things, muscle wasting. Last week, he began regurgitating. His esophagus basically stopped doing its job of moving food down into the stomach. Any food, water, or oral meds never made it to the stomach. So, after a week of trying last ditch efforts (or I should more accurately say, after a week of my wonderful vet and her staff doing everything they could to save our Elliott), we finally said enough is enough, it is time to let him rest. Those of you who know me or us will understand when I say it was one of the harder things we have ever done. But he was our best friend and our buddy, and we could not let him suffer any longer. We will miss him every day.

Rest in peace, sweet Elliott.

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