Monday, February 04, 2008


Yuck. Today is warm & muggy. My least favorite kind of weather. We're supposed to set a record high today (somewhere in the 80s). Thankfully, they're predicting several more cold fronts on the way - one arriving tonight, bringing the chance of thunderstorms. According to ye old faithful groundhog, six more weeks of winter. I say, bring 'em on! I heart winter!

Got a good night's sleep last night. I feel much better today. I'm still kinda tired. But I think it's my allergies. I'm just thankful for sleep - and no headache (at this point). Oh, and my stye seems to be gone. Guess that wedding ring thing really does work. Weird.

Hoping to get caught up around the house tonight since yesterday was a total waste (well, I did fold the laundry I did earlier in the week - better late than never).

PS - We loved the goulash!

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Trois said...

Boo to pollen! Yes to eloping!