Monday, February 11, 2008


We had the most gorgeous weather this weekend - sunny, in the 70s, light breeze. Perfect! Dori begged to go outside every 10 seconds. But can you blame her?!

Mom came over Saturday. We worked on the Christmas albums that we started about a month ago. She's basically finished. Me? Yeah. Well, I'm slower. I still have about 4 pages to go. And then I have to pick out & stick down the photos. Oh, and write the journaling. We also enjoyed a visit to the local scrapbook store. We haven't been since they renovated. They still have great stuff. It just seems like they carry a lot less of it. But maybe it's the new store layout. They're still super friendly & definitely helpful.

Yesterday was cleaning day. Derek took it upon himself to do his regular duties and then some. It's so nice to have a spouse that's willing to help out with stuff around the house. It really does take two people to keep our house in order! I still have some stuff to finish up tonight. I pooped out yesterday. Just in case you're a big doubter, I fell asleep on the couch about 7 p.m. Yeah. Lame. But I told you I was pooped. Anyway, just the master suite to do & then the laundry to attend to.

Still working in the office. We haven't been in there in a week. Too much going on and/or just avoided it. Back to it this week though. Otherwise, it won't be ready when the couch gets delivered! Anyone looking for a tv stand? I'm still trying to get rid of that thing!

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