Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We almost have the tv stand sold. I'm not counting any chickens or doing any happy dance until the deal is signed, sealed, & delivered! But I'm certainly giddy at the thought of having the thing OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE.! Not that I have any strong feelings about it or anything. Looks like we have to deliver to the buyer, but thankfully the buyer's willing to pay for delivery. I'll keep ya posted.

Meanwhile, we've definitely decided to part with a piece of furniture currently living in the office. We really don't use it anymore, so there's no sense keeping it. And since the sofa turned out to be much larger than anticipated, it makes getting the room right a lot easier. So, now we buy a side table & lamp and everything's set...assuming, that is, that the side table fits since said sofa is so absolutely gianormous!

Derek's recovering from his cold or whatever. He started feeling bad on Friday. We're believers in homeopathic remedies. I don't care who ya are, I think those things work! Start "the regimen" at the first sign of being "off." They won't necessarily keep you from getting sick, but they definitely shorten the illness & alleviate the severity of the illness. Anyway. Enough of that mini-soapbox. He started the regimen at first sign on Friday. He was markedly better by Sunday. As a precaution, since everyone who's gotten "the crud" this year has had secondary bacterial infections (like bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), he saw the friendly quack yesterday. "Yep, you have a cold. Here's something to dry everything up and help with the cough. Have a nice day." Now if he'll just take the medicine!!!

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