Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Weather?

Another weekend come & gone. They seem to fly by these days. But I had a lot to do around the house, so maybe that's why. I have avoided any major cleaning in, I'm ashamed to say, a few weeks. So to say that it took me a while is an understatement. Actually, I've only gotten the front part of the house done thus far - the part of the house where we & our guests spend the most time. Derek was sweet enough to take bathroom duty - you know, my whole issue with household cleaning products & difficulty breathing. I also tackled a fair portion of the laundry & it's actually folded and put away. *Gasp* Yeah, I know. Shocking, if you know me. So I tackle the remainder of the cleaning & laundry tonight, I hope, since there's nothing on tv, I have nowhere to be, & there are tons of leftovers to eat.

Saturday I also tackled grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I decided to do this after I cleaned, which meant I didn't hit the stores until 1:30 p.m. Ugh. I know why I make it my usual habit to be there before 8 a.m.! And with the playoffs under way, everyone and their dog really was out shopping. And, of course, shopping has to be spread out all over town b/c you just can't get it done all in one place. So there are still a few things that I have to get, but they aren't real necessities. So they can wait till next month for all I care. =)

Anyone heard anything about winter weather? When I came in this morning, I was talking to the bailiff who sits in our lobby. We always talk about the weather - he's cold natured like me except I actually like the cold weather while he's not a fan. Anyway, he mentioned that it may freeze Wednesday. I haven't seen any forecasts this weekend or checked yet today. I have to admit, the prospect of getting iced in is kinda nice. I have closets to clean out - one of those pesky "resolutions." But it seems they always get it wrong when they try to predict a freeze, so I dare not get my hopes up. Besides, next Monday is a holiday!

Yesterday we watched the Cowboys choke. Actually, in their defense, the officiating was absolutely horrible. There were at least two roughing-the-passer calls that weren't made for Romo, we won't even go into the holding that was going on, or the pass interference. And then you have Crayton's 500 dropped passes (I do exaggerate but not by much). Some of the guys I was watching with were surmising that he was paid to throw the game. And I have to admit, given the number of passes right in the numbers that he just happened to drop, it was a convincing argument. I hope he dreams about those drops all year b/c several of those were 7-pointers that never made it on the board! And then you have the whole Romo vacation PR nightmare. Seriously. If he had just run off with the boys and had his fun, the next week would be so much easier for him. But I rant.

Go Packers!

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maggie katzen said...

last i saw, there's a chance of "wintery mix" Wednesday night into Thursday, but it's not going to stay cold enough to stick to anything.

and that Cowboys game was depressing.