Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My quote-a-day calendar turned up this one for today

Making a difference is as close as the hand.
Just as each of us has a unique fingerprint,
we also have unique talents that can leave
a mark where they are needed.

What a terrific reminder for each of us. I have been blessed with the ability to sing well. So often people will say to me, "I wish I could sing like you." And so often, my response is, "I'm sure you have other talents that I don't have." And I do genuinely mean that.

If we all could sing, who would sew or cook or clean or run a company or play the cello or .... well, you get the idea. We are each branded with different abilities all of which work together for the good of the whole, assuming we employ them. What's your gift? Are you using it to the good of the whole? If not, it's guaranteed to be missed. Remember, you are unique.

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