Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Musings

So it turns out, Derek doesn't have to go to the National Sales Meeting this weekend. At this point, their branch has no trauma associates so that left a rather inept bumbler to handle the entire branch's territory while everyone trots off to the annual meeting. And ultimately, there was a serious question about just how much of that territory would be left when the reps got back. Technically, it's company policy that each rep attend the annual meeting. However, this is under the assumption that there's a slew of associates at home tending the herd. So Derek made the appeal to his boss and his boss to the corporate boss that two reps stay home to handle the entire territory while everyone else is meeting it up. Big boss said the two senior reps could stay behind - they've been to several meetings & wouldn't necessarily gain or lose by staying behind. Of course, this means Derek will probably be uber busy, but he wasn't very excited about going to the sales meeting this year since he fell short on his PTQ - that's still a bit of a sore point despite the fact that he had an awesome year.

I finally got around to telling one of my favorite choral conductors that I wouldn't be coming back to chorale as I'd planned. It's a one-way 45-minute drive, for one thing. And the price of gas is astronomical, for another. I would just prefer to put my money elsewhere, ya know? But it doesn't make dropping the bomb any easier. I felt like the first spring concert was the one that could be missed without them really missing me since it's a combo with a local children's chorus. I'll definitely be going back for the closing Broadway concert. I loves me some Broadway! And I need to be there to learn whatever music we'll be taking with us on the summer tour to Ireland.

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