Monday, January 21, 2008

One Down...Kinda

It's been a nice weekend thus far. Friday night, I got part of the house cleaned and then we enjoyed a night in front of the tv. Saturday's scrapbooking class that mom & I attended was great. We enjoyed the group of girls we scrapped with, and the kit we worked on was awesome--K&Co Peppermint Twist. Thanks, Jessica & Diane, for a terrific class & great fellowship! Yesterday was pretty busy. Derek worked a good part of the day, and I sang two church services. We went over to the neighbors' to watch the game (Boohoo. But I don't really want to talk about it. Stupid officials.) and enjoy a visit with our friend Pineapple who's in from Hawaii.

Today, I've actually accomplished part of what I set out to do--cleaning closets. I started with the smallest closet in the craft room. Turns out, most of what's been hiding out in there is nice crystal decorative pieces that don't really go with my current decor. Anyone interested or know someone who might be? I have some really nice (and expensive) pieces that need to go. I'll probably take them to the next church garage sale if I can't find any takers. I also have oodles of small wall shelves (for nicknacks) that I no longer need. And I found my Beany Baby collection too. I think I'm going to see how many of those I can pawn off on the neighbor's kid before sending them to church to be loved by kids there. Once I went through everything, I put back in the closet what will eventually find new homes b/c I don't want it sitting out making the place look junky.

Next, I think I'm going to tackle the guest room closet. It's actually pretty organized but it's just hard to wade through it right now b/c of some "stuff" Derek put in there. Really, he needs to go through those boxes & toss. Maybe I'll wait on that closet--he's gone to work....again. (It's supposed to be his day off.) If I wait on him, that delays the whole closet-cleaning project. But I suppose I could do a closet a weekend for the next couple of weeks. That would get it done in pretty quick order. The office & office closet will be the biggest project. It will definitely take both of us to get that one tackled. And then it will be on to the garage. (Sigh.) That will be several weeks' worth of work. 08 is the year of clean everything. And I'm going to attempt giving up being a packrat....for the most part.

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