Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Resolve...

that I'm terrible at making (and keeping) resolutions. I laugh when I think about last year's list. While I was able to cross some things off, a fair part of my list still stares at me this year. So my list of resolutions is a "ditto" of 2007. I might manage to cross a few more things off the list this year. One can only hope.

We did enjoy our NYE celebrations. Our neighbor Dan hosted the festivities. Just about all of our neighbors popped in at some point during the evening. We had lots of food. The desserts, of course, were the biggest hit. We rang in the new year with a champagne toast. Slowly but surely the crowd dwindled. And then it was just five of us. We were enjoying our little chat. Next thing we know, it's 4:30 a.m. Yikes! So we all turned in.

I was up by 9 a.m. getting the beans in the crockpot and brisket in the oven. I did a little tidying around the house. But mostly, we vegged all day - watching the Rose Parade and football. It was really nice. And, of course, I took a rather nice siesta for about two hours in the afternoon. Several of the neighbors came over for dinner. The brisket was sooooo good! I sent everyone home with goodie bags. All in all, we tucked in early.

The rest of the week is quiet. Just how I like it.

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