Sunday, December 02, 2007

Victorian Christmas

The Northeast Texas Choral Society certainly began its 10th season with a bang. This weekend, the chorus presented "A Victorian Christmas," complete with period costume, at the Hopkins County Civic Center. In all my years participating in this group or attending concerts, I cannot remember better attendance. And I certainly cannot recall better singing!

It was such a joy and a thrill when Carol Allen, director extraordinaire, invited me to sing "O Holy Night" with the group. As a charter member of NETCS, I, of course, jumped at the opportunity and was particularly thrilled to find that my schedule allowed my participation in the festivities. What an honor to sing with such a fantastic group of people! They were nothing but gracious to me--the girl who moved away to sing in "the big city"--and fell over backwards when I opened my mouth to sing. You see, it's been five years since these great folks have heard me sing. That's five years of voice lessons. That's five years of growth in sound. The sound engineer, in the nicest way possible, asked me to back away from the microphone a little bit. I take that as a great compliment. Needless to say, people were a little taken aback by how much my sound has grown while I've been away singing in "the big city."

But I'm certainly blown away by how much this group of singers has grown in their sound and professionalism. To think where it all began. And to reflect on where it is now. Wow. "A Victorian Christmas" will be hard to beat, and it will certainly be talked about for many weeks, if not years, to come. Congratulations, Northeast Texas Choral Society on ten terrific years of music. I wish you at least that many more! Thank you, thank you for allowing this hometown girl the chance to make music with all of you again. What an honor and privilege!

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