Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nice Weekend

The weekend has come to a close. It turned out to be a busy one. Ezmerelda went to the dealership on Saturday for her 30-day service. (Side bar - does anyone else name their vehicles? I think just about every car I've ever owned has had a name. Derek laughs at me. Just curious if anyone else had this, apparently, odd habit.) That ended up taking most of the day.

While I was waiting, I spent some Christmas money. Finally got some new sweaters and, of course, I just couldn't have a shopping trip without expanding the shoe collection. After the shopping venture, Ez still wasn't ready so I decided to head to my friend Rhonda's house to practice our duet for Sunday. Nothing like waiting a little, eh? But it was an easy piece. We put it together in about 20 min. We spent the rest of the time catching up.

Finally got the call that I could pick up the car. Headed home for a while & then met Gayla & Heather for dinner at Pei Wei. Mmm. I loves me some Pei Wei! Had a terrific visit, as always. Those girls keep me in stitches. Gayla was introduced to the fine art of a stick shift - keep the clutch IN when the car's on & in gear. =) Lots of giggles over that.

Sang two services today. Went splendidly. Ventured to the grocery store for the annual New Year's Day crock pot o' beans. Then came home for a little siesta. Well, it was more than a little nappy-nap. Adda and I enjoyed about two hours. It was nice though. Had a little dinner. Derek came home from the neighbors where he was watching the Cowboys stink it up. Skeet & Kelli came over & we watched Bourne Ultimatum. Great movie - might mean a little more to me if I had ANY clue what the series was about. But great movie nonetheless, especially in HD.

Got the bag packed for my super exciting day at work tomorrow. Now it's off to bed.

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