Sunday, December 23, 2007

Might Just Make It

Whew. The whirlwind of gift-buying is finally over. Ordinarily, I'm finished shopping way before now. For whatever reason, this year things just didn't come together as they usually do. So I was one of the (unfortunate) souls out shopping yesterday. Blech! No fear, I got up early & avoided most of the crowds...and I managed to get the remainder of the presents.

So how do you guys feel about gift cards? This year, the media debate about this very topic has been interesting. In my humble opinion, gift cards are great in several instances: 1) you don't know the person well enough to buy them a "real" gift; 2) you don't want to insult someone by buying something too big or too small for them; 3) the person has a hobby, like scrapbooking or cardmaking or embroidery, and they would enjoy shopping for said hobby themselves; 4) the person asked for gift cards and even was so kind as to give you a list of places from which you could purchase said gift card(s); and/or 5) it's easier than racking your brain & you know the recipient won't mind. There are some people who are offended by the "thoughtlessness" of gift cards. Hopefully, everyone on your list has made this clear if they share that opinion. Anyway, long story short, gift cards were popular on my list this year--both giving & getting.

I have a few last-minute cards to make in which to put said gift cards (see above). See, at least I'm thoughtful enough to hand-make a card holder. Then the wrapping of "real" gifts must commence. Ordinarily, I try to wrap as a buy. But I've been lazy this year and have left 100% of my wrapping for the next few days. I hope to get all of that done today so I can clean house & make food tomorrow.

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