Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy, Busy

Though my singing schedule has slowed to a halt (almost), everything else seems to be moving at warp. This weekend was no exception. After a week of rain, my house was an utter disaster. So priority one before we left on Saturday was to get the house clean. That, of course, took longer than expected. With a dog going in & out, not to mention people, there were a lot of tracks to clean up. I did finally get the carpet in order, but the tile is still beckoning to me. But in a way, I'm glad b/c Dori tracked in fresh dirt all across the kitchen last night. Yesterday, after being groomed on Sunday, she decided it would be fun to tromp through the mud puddle--the only mud puddle. Just like a kid.

Anyway, got the house clean & started putting a major dint in the mounds of laundry. Which left me time to really put a dint in the Christmas cards. I'm happy to report that I'm halfway through making the twenty-plus cards that should go out. So tomorrow begins the first mailing. Some of you on the list may actually get your cards before Christmas this year--shocking! The other half will be a crap shoot depending solely on how hard the mailmen want to work the end of the week before the holiday.

Saturday night was Derek's company party at the Gaylord. I wasn't planning to get in a hurry to get there...until Derek called to tell me that it was averaging more than an hour to park. Wha? So I got it in gear & left a little earlier. While it didn't take me an hour, it did take about 30 min. Apparently, this was the weekend for Christmas parties. Couple that with the ICE show going on, and you had a recipe for a busy hotel. Our room, a suite overlooking Lake Grapevine, was very nice; but I don't think I've stayed in a "not nice" room at the Gaylord. The party was alright. There were a lot more people there this year, so for me, it wasn't as fun as previous years b/c we were so spread out & not able to visit as well. But all and all, a good time was had by all. Dori had fun staying home with Ms. Kelli, her favorite neighbor.

We got home about lunchtime on Sunday. I made the grocery list b/c I figured this weekend would be better than next for that big trip. Dori went to "get beautiful" about midway through the Cowboy game. And I hit the grocery stores. Going during the game was brilliant. The stores were crowded, but they weren't nearly as packed as I'd expected. I shudder to think about this coming weekend. And unfortunately, there are several things that I just couldn't buy until then due to spoilage. But at least I got the big trip out of the way. Running in for a few things will be daunting but nothing like facing an entire monthly list.

That cold I was fighting a few weekends ago has finally crept up and bit me. I got really stuffy Sunday night and it's kinda gone from bad to worse in the days since. Granted, it's not as bad as some people I've heard cough-coughing the last several weeks. I think the Zicam and Airborne have fended off the worst of it. I just wish they made softer Kleenexes. My poor nose. And on my gosh, my lymph nodes are screaming today. Clearly there's a war going on in there.

Other than that, I have a few more gifts to buy. Eek! My husband can be slow at decision-making. I hope he's done before the weekend. Otherwise, he's on his own on those. I'm going nowhere near a mall! But my wrapping operation must get underway this week. I haven't even begun that process yet. And you know, I like to be all froo-froo about it. And there's an odd rehearsal or two. We'll see if it all gets done.

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