Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And Everyone Rested

Whew. Christmas day was a whirlwind but altogether a terrific day. Today, we clean up. Well, actually, Derek is working. I'm (sorta) cleaning up and putting the house back together. I think I've actually spent more time at the computer. But who's counting?! =)

We started Christmas day at Derek's parents. Yummy breakfast and then packages. There was no shortage of good loot this year - as always, we're very spoiled. Derek got the Bluetooth earpiece he wanted, along with the new Simpsons movie & 360 game, some clothes, and a few throw-back-to-the-childhood toys. I got a beautiful tourmaline pendant, a digital picture frame that also plays music, several pairs of slippers (since I've literally worn all my others out), pjs, and clothes. We enjoyed visiting after the big gift opening. Then we went to visit Derek's grandfather at the assisted living center. He opened his presents and just enjoyed having us there. He's such a sweetheart. We got the car all packed and then headed for home to unload and reload for the next stop.

My brother & Olga hosted this year's Christmas festivities, which was nice - so nice that I didn't even put up decorations this year! We had a fabulous dinner - fried turkey compliments of Chef David, taters, salads, etc. Then the package-opening commenced. We went a little crazy this year, so it took us over two hours to open gifts. You see, we like to open packages one person, one gift at a time so we can enjoy seeing what everyone got. We really racked up this year! Derek got several gift cards, some clothes, and his favorite - chocolate. I got several stamp sets on my "wish list," a desktop Cropper Hopper organizer, nifty kitchen linens, clothes, and a bunch of other stuff. My trunk barely held everything!

Many thanks to our family who, as always, went above and beyond. Thanks to David & Olga for hosting everyone. It was a houseful, but a great time was had by all. Thanks to all who sent a little note or a little something this season. We're truly blessed with wonderful family and friends.

We hope your Christmas was full of as many blessings as ours!

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