Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We're now at midweek of what will certainly be a whirlwind when it's all said & done. This week is crazy busy for me with rehearsals and then concerts. I have one evening to stay home & that will likely be consumed with preparations for being gone all weekend (i.e. house chores, packing, etc.). Thankfully, as the month of December rolls in, it will get progressively quieter as my singing engagements begin tapering (opposed to the usual gathering of steam leading up to Christmas Eve).

Derek is also busy this week. Business has been painfully slow this month, but such is sales when year-end approaches & hospitals are out of budget. Cases have picked up, as have appointments, so he's kind-of chasing his tail. I know, for him, this is a welcome change. For one, he hates feeling idle. For another, it's last quarter crunch time for quota. We're still waiting for those big sales to go through. Talk about a nail biter!

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