Friday, November 09, 2007

Vegas, Baby

This has been a hectic week. I had to stay home part of the morning Monday. Derek had to go to work, so I was stuck waiting on the security company. They came, it was an easy repair, and the system is now back up & running. So check that one off the list.

Monday evening was hectic b/c I had to get everything packed & ready to go for the Vegas trip. I went to work for 6:45 am Tuesday so I could get in a full day before leaving for the late afternoon flight. Derek took care of the luggage & picked me up on his way to the airport. All in all, it was a great trip--I'll go into more detail in another post later this weekend, including synopsis & photos.

So, if you've noticed an absence from blogging, that's why. We went to Vegas sans laptop. Who had time to blog anyway? There was way too much fun to be had!

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