Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vegas Adventure

So I worked a full day Tuesday--a very early day, I might add. We caught our 6 pm flight & got to Vegas about 6:30 pm. We checked into The Paris. Derek decided to upgrade to a penthouse b/c midweek rates allowed us to get a great rate. We were on the thirty-second floor overlooking the Bellagio fountains. Talk about a bird's eye view! And the room was insanely large--complete with guest bath, huge living/dining, and a master suite. It was really something. The first thing we did after dropping off the luggage was find something to eat. We opted for the buffet. At $26/pp, I'm not sure it was really worth it. But, hey, it was there & it was easiest. We hit the hay early, by Vegas time anyway. Derek had to be ready to go by 6:45 the next morning.

Wednesday, I was on my own. I had the luxury of sleeping in. But, still being on Dallas time, I was up before 8. I had breakfast in the concierge lounge & then hit The Strip on foot. I took a little tour of my own hotel before heading out for the Bellagio, Caesar's, and then the Mile Mall (or something like that--it was an entire mile of shopping). For any of you who are shopping fanatics, Vegas is your city. There's tons of shopping. Most of the shops are high-end, but you'll find plenty of run-of-the-mill stores too. Vegas is also one of the greatest places to people watch--one of my favorite past-times. Man, the things you see! I think I most enjoyed how over-the-top Vegas is. The decorations, the architecture, the sculptures, the art, the fountains--you name it, it's bigger & better in Vegas. By mid-afternoon, my dogs were barking and I had spent way more than I had really intended, so I headed back to the room to veg until dinner. I was fortunate to be able to tag along on the company dinner at Del Frisco's. So that meant I didn't get to see any shows on this trip, but there's always next time for that!

Thursday was another on-my-own day. I decided to walk down to the MGM b/c Derek had talked so much about it. I did a little last-minute souvenir shopping along the way. Even with the browsing, I got to the MGM before the lions were out in their exhibit--yes, they have real, live lions in the hotel. So I wandered around the hotel for a bit, and then dashed back to our hotel to check out, check my bags with the porter, and then headed back to the MGM. By the time I got back, the lions had been out about 15 min and already they were napping. I realize cats sleep about 20 hours a day but I would have thought the trainers would have kept them awake a little longer than 15 minutes! Anyway, I was able to get some great photos even if it was just of them sleeping. I headed back to The Paris to meet my driver to head to the airport, where I would meet Derek for lunch. Our flight left on time & we got back to DFW early.

So what did Derek do this whole time? Well, poor guy, he spent all day Wednesday (6:45 am - 5:30 pm) and all morning Thursday (6:45 am - noon) in a cadaver lab. This was an upper extremity hands-on education class for Stryker Trauma reps. So this trip was all about education for him. He had no time for taking in Vegas, but I don't think he cared all that much.

I had a great time on my own, but I do recommend that you take a buddy with you if you're thinking about a trip to Vegas. It's much more fun to people-watch that way!

Here's a slideshow to enjoy!

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