Friday, November 02, 2007


Wow, this was one of the longest weeks. I ran, ran, ran this week. Maybe that's why. Had very productive rehearsals, albeit lots of them. Finally got to run through my solo piece with the director of NETCS, so I'm not as worried about that concert. I do have some nuances to work on, but it's really just down to that. I came home with two solos for that concert, so I'm very pleased. Most of these people (from my hometown) haven't heard me sing in ... oh, I don't know ... six years, I guess. Everyone at rehearsal was impressed at my sound; it's grown a lot in that time.

Had a good lesson Tuesday. I still have a lot of work to do on the Rutter. While the music is oh-so beautiful, it is truly difficult. It requires such a long line, which means lots of laryngeal strength and breath support. And that makes for one tired singer by the time a rehearsal is up! But it's so worth it when you hear the end product. I'm still amazed at the recording from the March Chorale concert. (If I can get my DVD drive to cooperate, I'll upload a snippet of the video for you guys to hear.)

Naturally, I had choir on Wednesday so I missed all of the Halloween festivities. I'm glad I made bags and as many as I did. Every single one of them was gone by the end of the evening. That's a lot of candy!

In other news, we bought a new vehicle this week. (Pictures soon) Derek's work vehicle was due for a stint in the shop. We had hoped to make it to '08 with it, but we just couldn't risk driving it that long without major work. So we opted to trade it in instead. The problems weren't bad enough to reduce the value of the vehicle, so we got a good trade-in value. And this time we were able to get him a new ride instead of a used one. It's really nice. We hope it's as good as the last one, which only required routine maintenance & care. Here's to another 105K miles!

Our security system is on the fritz. We got a call from our monitoring service that the battery was sending a signal. We opted to buy the battery & install it ourselves to save some bucks. When we came home Wednesday, the house smelled terrible. We both assumed it was the trash. But upon further investigation discovered the horrible smell was coming from the closet with the system box. Yep, definitely rotten eggs. So clearly the battery's bad. But I was also concerned about what turned out to be the power source for the box. It clearly needs to be replaced, as well. So our monitoring service will be coming to do system maintenance on Monday. We hope they'll install the battery we bought, too.

Oh yeah, and Wednesday afternoon I somehow managed to download a Trojan horse onto my work computer. Can you say that I'm not my IT guy's favorite office gal right now? Yeah. Understatement. Because my machine is 100% not repairable without a system wipe. I guess the good thing for me is that our new computers are in. Bad news is that I haven't a clue when I'll have a computer. Can you say long days?

And another thing. On my way home from rehearsal in E. Texas on Monday, I lost one of my hubcaps. Apparently, when the tire place replaced the one tire & rotated all of the others, they didn't get my hubcaps back on properly. Good news though. They're going to replace the one that flew off & check all of the others. I just have to find the time to get up there for them to get the part number. Bad news. I have to drive my car with a hubcap missing. How embarrassing!

I hope to spend some time playing with the new printer this weekend. I have tons of projects to work on in the scraproom--namely, the handmade Christmas cards. If I don't get started on those, Christmas will be here & they won't be done!

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