Friday, October 12, 2007

Where to Start

Had a terrific birthday dinner with the family last night. What's better than squeezing 7 people around a table meant for 6 at most?! =) We had a nice visit, I got some great presents, we enjoyed good food, and there was even cake. Can't complain about any of that!

Got Dori's bloodwork results today. Everything is back to 100% normal. Yay! She will continue taking two medications indefinitely--they have no side effects and support liver function--and we'll continue feeding her as much as she will eat. She's going to stay at the vet while we're in Vegas...just in case. We think this first round of antibiotics will be enough, but there's no need exposing her to other things & sending her off to get exhausted (after playing hard) at camp to find out. Hopefully we're in the clear for the long-term. At this point, she's scheduled for a routine follow-up in 6 mos.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

Gee...was it that easy? Yep, I'll be cleaning & doing laundry. My house is an utter disaster...for me anyway. And I need to get the inside clean so I can start on the garage. With winter quickly approaching (I hope), we need to get the pellets for our new fireplace insert. And since we'll be ordering a ton of those (50 40-lb bags), we need to make space for them. And that means getting the garage in order (finally). Guess that means I need to get to it.

Oh, I did take a few pictures in Napa, though I wish I'd done better. Anyway, here's the album--what there is of it. I'll do better next time!

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sarahk said...

wow, those pictures are lovely! and yay about Dori!