Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two Steps Forward and a Shuffle to the Side

Well, it will be quiet around the house for a few days. Derek's off to San Francisco for a business meeting. (No, worries. He's way north of the wildfires!) So that means the critters & I will be home alone to do whatever we want...which means we'll probably be lazy--watch what we want to watch on tv, do some stuff in the craft room, practice some music, you know...stuff. We definitely have to clean. I know the critters will be excited to learn that!

Speaking of cleaning, I definitely have to hose down the master bath. Poor Dori had a little setback (hence the post title). When I got home from work Tuesday, she had left some "presents" for me. Thankfully, it was obvious that she hadn't taken care of business before Derek left for the day and just couldn't hold it until I got home. So at least that was an easy clean-up. Anyway, we went on our standard evening walk and it became apparent that something else was going on as she wanted to stop every five seconds & make deposits. (Warning: TMI on the way) What successful deposits she was able to leave were not of the solid variety, but mostly she was just gassy, which was pretty funny b/c Dori hates to tootle. So there was lots of checking out of the gassy noises & then dropping of the head when she realized the sounds were indeed coming from her own hind end. I digress. Anyway. She was still acting completely normal aside from the runny poo/gas. She ate fine. She played. She was perky. So even though I was a little concerned, I was hoping it was just b/c she'd tried to hold in some poo all day long & that that had just messed up the sensitive system. I mean, hey, doesn't that happen to you? Anyway. Dinner, unfortunately, did not come out solidly. So we were up & down all night long letting her go outside. At midnight, Derek finally gave up & slept on the couch so that Dori could be closer to the back door. That's when she decided to go to sleep--after we'd been up and down for two hours letting her outside to pass gas and/or ... well, you know. I guess she just wanted to be closer to the door (she usually sleeps in the bedroom with us, where we keep the door closed b/c we can't trust our brood not to get into things while we're sleeping).

Yesterday morning, she was not interested in breakfast and she was still having bathroom issues. So we called the vet about it. She prescribed an antibiotic & we have thus far dodged an office visit. Derek put Dori in the master bath when he left for work rather than putting her in her room. (Tile is a lot easier to clean than carpet!) When he got home, the bathroom was quite a mess. (Thank goodness we put her in the bathroom!) Poor Dori had her head down the whole evening. I guess she thought we'd be mad at her. It's not like she could help it! Last night, I couldn't get her to eat anything--not even her favorite veggies. That made me think her tummy might be queasy, so I gave her a Maalox chewable, which she took happily. When I got home from choir, I tried feeding her again. Still not interested. Before bed, Derek finally forced her medicine down her and I gave her another Maalox. We left some broccoli and dry food down and put her soft food in the fridge. She did fine overnight and did not ask once to go out to potty.

This morning, the broccoli and dry food were all gone and she acted hungry. So I got her food back out. The first thing she did was pick out & eat the carrots she'd refused the night before. Then she set about eating the soft food, carefully picking out the pieces that had some leftover medicine in them. Stinker. She's back in the master bath again today. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of yesterday b/c I have to clean it up. Me. The one with the most sensitive gag reflex you've ever encountered! I don't do vomit ... or poop. Let's hope Dori has a good day.

Wow. All of that was to say that I definitely have to bleach the bathroom. Even though Derek's already scoured it & bleached it, I still feel like I should do it myself. Gives me the willies just thinking about all the germies.

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JanaRae said...

I'm glad Dori seems better now, but I had to giggle at her "tootles." (and I needed a giggle, so gracias!) When Howard tootles, he looks quite surprised then turns quickly to look at his hind-end, with a look on his face as if he's thinking, "What the heck?! I'm leaking!" Of course, he quickly becomes distracted by something else and forgets he's let air escape. :-)