Thursday, October 11, 2007


To all of my friends and family, thanks so much for all of the birthday well-wishes sent my way. The cards & sentiments were appreciated (and the loot hasn't been bad either!). It was a great day.

In other news, Dori is at the vet today for a check-up after several weeks of meds. Since everything will be checked by blood panel, it may be next week before we know anything. She's holding steady at 47 lbs--a little thinner than we'd like to see her--but with that healthy appetite, we hope to see her back up to a healthy 55 lbs over the course of the next month. We'll up her soft food and veggie snacks to see if we can put some meat back on her. We're going to start walking several times a week to work out some of that extra energy she has now, so she'll definitely need some more calories to compensate.

Apparently, this is the year for travel for us. Derek just called and invited me to a training course in Vegas. He'll be working during the day, so I hope to sightsee. There's lots to do on The Strip ... or so I hear. We'll be staying at Paris hotel. Oo-la-la. It's a short trip, but I should at least be able to take in the major sites close by.

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Olga Foster said...

youll have fun. my sister got married at alladin (which is now planet hollywood) to the left of paris. it's nice. go take a gandala ride and the wax museum is wonderful. also if you are a fan, celine dion does concerts..