Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So Much to Do

There's so much to do before our weekend get away/working trip to Napa. I haven't even started the packing list, much less picked up everything we need. The house hasn't been cleaned. The laundry isn't finished. And I have other fun things to do between now & 5:30 a.m. on Friday! Like... go see

I'm so excited that I just can't even stand it! My mom, grandmother, and I will be going with a group of kids from mom's school. We have terrific seats on the floor--right where the action will be...or some of it anyway. Can't wait! This show comes highly recommended by so many people; I know we won't be disappointed. Look for a raving review sometime this weekend, assuming I do any blogging while in Napa.

Speaking of Napa, I'm kinda in panic mood over the trip. I was thrilled to find that the weather will be nice during the day (71F Fri, 74F Sat, 77F Sun), but I'm a little concerned about nighttime temps (41F Fri, 44F Sat). Those of you who know me know that I'm exceedingly cold-natured. And pretty much anything below 70F means that I have a sweater on. So packing for this trip will be tedious. I'm an overpacker by nature. And a place like this makes it more difficult. I'm thinking I'll mostly pack sweaters b/c I don't anticipate doing anything so active that I'll sweat very much. And I'm definitely sure that I'll leave the swimsuit at home. Brrrr. No going to the pool when it's less than 80F! Evening wear will be difficult. Sleeveless dresses are probably out. Guess that leaves me to pants suits. We'll be entertaining clients at night, after all.

Aside from the woes of figuring out what clothes to pack, I haven't gotten our toiletries in order. Sounds silly. But with such a short trip, we have the option of carrying on all of our luggage rather than checking bags. We still haven't decided on this detail. If we carry on, I have to buy smaller toiletries for some of our day-to-day items b/c of the TSA restrictions. Hopefully Derek & the other people traveling with us will get this figured out. Then I can make my obligatory trip to the store...or not.

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