Sunday, October 14, 2007

Productive Weekend

It was a busy one, indeed. Friday was the only quiet day of the whole weekend. We enjoyed an evening in in front of the tv. I worked on laundry but was otherwise unproductive. Saturday, I got up & made Derek breakfast. Then I started the house cleaning. Fun. Not! But it had to be done b/c it hadn't been done in a while. Gross. Anyway, got that done pretty quickly. Worked on more laundry in between. Then I got ready & met friends for a belated birthday dinner. We had a fabulous visit & I got some Kohl's bucks to spend. Whoohoo! (Thanks, Gayla & Heather; you're too good to me!) I wish I could remember some of the things I told them I would blog about; they were funny. But sadly, my some-timers has stolen those brilliant ideas for the moment. Hopefully they'll come flitting back this week (or one of the girls will remind me). Today was the usual. Sang three terrific anthems at church. Then I came home to work in the craft room. I had lots of thank you cards to make!

Got those all done. So now I'm preparing for the week ahead. I have a busy evening tomorrow--voice lesson & rehearsal. I really should be singing now, but I just realized I'm missing Desperate Housewives!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to your picture? It might be time for a new one. Too bad you don't work for the school district, you can get one done every year!