Monday, October 08, 2007

One word: WOW

I promised a Lion King review and here it is. WOW. Really. That's about all I can say. It was a fabulous production that I could see over and over. And it's on my list to see in New York when I go again next year.

The music was, of course, terrific. The script was straight from the original movie (with the addition of "Morning Report," which is in the most recent re-released version of the movie on DVD (and not a favorite of mine), and maybe one other song). The actors were superb and perfectly voiced (as in, they sounded as close to the originals as you could possibly get, which wasn't necessary but certainly nice when you love the movie as much as I do). The costumes were knock-down, drop-dead gorgeous. Phenomenal. So lifelike. Just amazing.

I think we spent most of the show with our mouths open. And we stood on our feet applauding for a long time at curtain call. If you haven't seen this show, don't walk...RUN to the nearest theatre showing it. It will be worth every single penny you pay for a ticket. And I highly recommend floor seats--center aisle if you can get them. Our floor seats, even though on the side aisle, were awesome!

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