Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Of Birthdays & Such

Dori apparently had quite a time at the vet's office while we were in Napa. Derek picked her up yesterday morning. The girls in the office said they weren't "sure whether they wanted to let Dori go home." They really do love her up there. The girl checking Derek out even said, "looks like somebody got lots of playtime." One of the girls went back to get her from her kennel while Derek was paying. She made the mistake of telling Dori, "your daddy's here to get you" before she'd put the harness on her so Dori bolted from her kennel to the front to see her daddy--all wiggles & licks (and she's not a licker). She was quite excited to see him. As soon as she got home, she wanted to go inside to see the cats (and do a million zooming laps around the house) before going outside. I can't say that I got quite that kind of greeting when I got home--she was napping by the time I got home. She's still doing terrific--taking her medicine well, even perkier than last week, eating like a champ. She took her last antibiotic for breakfast, so I guess she'll be going for follow-up on the hepatitis later this week. Let's keep the fingers crossed that it's acute & not chronic!

In other news, I'm about to celebrate a birthday. It's hard to believe that a year has come & gone. Seriously. And this, to me, is a more monumental birthday than last year. I'm now "in my 30s" and not quite sure how to feel about it. I don't feel a day over 25. Funny. Age, I guess, is relative. Apparently, I don't look a day over 20--or so everyone says each time I'm asked for i.d. And yet, there are times that my age is vastly apparent--like when you spend a weekend with someone who only has vague recollections of the 80s. Wha?! Oh well. Another year is always better than the alternative.

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