Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday was a loooooooooooooong day. After work, I dashed home long enough to let the dog out, powder my nose & change into comfy clothes. I then jumped in the car for a voice lesson & subsequent rehearsal. I finally got home about 8:45 pm. Yuck! Those kinds of days are why I've given up theatre for a little while--same kind of schedule. And this girl needs her beauty rest in order to avoid being a stark raving b....well, you know what I mean.

The rest of the week isn't too bad, but it's still looking crowded. Because I did stuff around the house this weekend, I never got to the grocery store. Sigh. So that means that I get to face that after work today. Ugh. Not my favorite. I'll go home, take Dori for a run, and eat before facing that task. Perhaps by then the stores will have cleared out from the after-work rush. Tomorrow will be another long day. I have a rehearsal at 6 & 7:30. So I'll get about 30 min at home before heading out for another late evening. Thursday I'm having a belated birthday dinner with a friend. Friday (cross my fingers) should be a quiet evening at home. All in all, the weekend should be quiet, I think.

Derek got the results from his physical today, and he's not a happy camper. On the upside, his blood pressure is fine & he's not diabetic. On the downside, his cholesterol is quite high. His doctor wants to put him on meds immediately. I, however, think that's a stupid idea. Doctors are too quick to shove a pill down a patient's throat than they are to attempt to remedy a malady naturally. Let's consider some mitigating factors--ones I'm sure the doctor didn't ponder before recommending a pill. Being in sales and on the road every day, Derek does not have the best diet in the world (lots of food on the go, like hamburgers and fries) and he does not take the time to exercise regularly. I don't want Derek taking meds that he may ultimately not need. So he's going to spend the next three to six months (he hasn't decided but I think six months is a better marker) making positive changes in diet and exercise to see how much he can bring down his cholesterol. At the very least, I'll feel better knowing that he tried even if he ultimately ends up medicated. It may be that his genes are against him on this one, just like my genes are against me in the blood pressure dept.

All in all, this turns into something great for both of us. My clothes are getting a little snug, and I don't want to go back to being Fluffy Susan. I was doing so well until we started jetsetting the last month or so. Now the scale spits out a number that I'm not happy with, and clearly my clothes are saying the same thing. So we're finally going to do what we've talked about for the last year: join the local gym. Sure, I'm still going to run with Dori b/c she loves it & needs the exercise herself. My runs with Dori are just too short to do me any good, but I can actually get in a good workout (beneficial to my snugness problem) at the gym. I hope Derek & I can go to the gym together (accountability is key to a successful regimen), but I doubt he'll want to keep my early-morning workout hours. Hey, I know my weaknesses--I can think of a million excuses for not going after work!

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sarahk said...

When I first moved to Florida, Frank's cholesterol was way over 200. He was living on frozen chicken pot pies, Chunky soup, and Taco Bell. After I started cooking for him, his next cholesterol report was below 200 for the first time that he could remember. Definitely the diet change will do Derek good.