Thursday, October 18, 2007


Not that it's any surprise, but my week has been cram-packed with singing. And it's about to get busier. I'm now part of a quintet at church (my paid gig). When we lost the new second sop/alto a week or so ago, Epiphany lost a singer and that meant a group rethinking. So I got called in to be the replacement. I was part of a similar group at Ridgewood, so the music is completely familiar at least. It does add an extra evening of rehearsal each week and means a shift in my lesson schedule, which is pretty tough since my voice studio is completely full & I've had my current slot for ages.

I've begun working in earnest on the big gigs I've agreed to sing in December. Naturally, it's a lot of music and there are tricky places to hammer out. My big solo work (Rutter) is quite difficult and will require a lot more time than I had anticipated. Though, it seems odd that I didn't anticipate it being a lot of work, every Rutter piece I've ever sung has required tons of work. Like the rest, this one requires such a long line. Back to some very boring laryngeal strengthening exercises. Blah. But I do know that they pay off in the end.

I'm due at a rehearsal for my NETCS engagement on Monday, and I've been so wrapped up in the Rutter that I have (ashamedly) not even begun listening to, much less rehearsing, my NETCS music...and there's a lot of it! Eeek. I'm a little panicked. I really need to be strong and know my part b/c I'm coming back to this group as a pro not just as little ol' me. So I guess you know what that means...the rest of the week/weekend will be consumed with music. Oh how I do love my iPod!

Speaking of music, I've been on a mad hunt for a big work that should be in my library. I have reason to believe that I've loaned the Mass to my boss at church, even though she doesn't recall having it to peruse. I searched this last weekend for it b/c I finally got a recording of the concert & wanted to follow along in my score. Interesting. Not where I thought I left it. Looked through the whole library. Not there. That's when I remembered that I'd maybe loaned it. So I checked with the boss lady last night. Granted, we weren't in her office where she could look in earnest, so the "no" was more off-handed than certain. But I was still surprised to hear the "no." So I looked for it again last night when I got home but to no avail. Either I have indeed loaned it or it's in the scary office with another work that I seem to be missing (how the middle of the night, quite literally, I realize there's a second one missing. I don't remember seeing the Requiem when I went through the whole library looking for the Mass.) That's strange. I have no recollection of loaning that to anyone. So that means that I've done something with part of my library.

(Realization) Oh lord. If the missing works are in the scary office, it may be weeks before I find them! Sigh. Don't you just hate it when you can't put your hands on something? And when you're talking about a full score, well, now two full scores, you're talking about a serious expense to replace them if they don't turn up. Plus, you've lost every helpful note you wrote in the originals. If I happened to loan you a score or perhaps two, could you remind me so I can quit fretting about what happened to these two jewels? And preferably before I tear my house apart this weekend really looking for them? K. Thanks.

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