Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Love Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp air. I love sitting on the patio in the morning with a hot cup of coffee just watching the world go by. I love taking the dog for a walk--she's even more excited about her walks than usual. I love watching the leaves turn colors and slowly drop from the trees. I love the fall flowers. I love fall!

More than that, fall is my favorite time of year for food. Soups. Stews. Chilis. Roast. Beans. Thanksgiving. Can you think of a better time of year for food? I really can't. Well, summer would be a close second b/c of tomatoes & my favorite fresh herbs. But fall takes #1 hands down in my book. I made southwestern pumpkin soup last night (recipe). It was soooo good. It wasn't high on Derek's list of favorite soups, but I thought it was great. I think I spoiled him with the butternut squash soup last fall--he loved it--so he wasn't fond of my additions to the recipe. Tonight we're having tortilla soup. Mmmm. Another favorite. I'm so excited it's cool enough that I can finally cook all of my favorite fall recipes!


sarahk said...

I agree. Fall is the all-around best. Except in Florida.

MOM said...

I like fall but I don't love being cold, sorry. If we could have fall with temps like today without the wind to make it feel cooler, then I'm all for it. I like cold weather food, too. I don't know that I have a favorite season. Hmmm.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

ooooo me too I adore fall so much. I have some autumnal recipes on my yum yum blog.

Hi Sus! I have been taking a blogging break here lately, sorry I haven't been reading. I see in your sidebar that you are doing a solo at choral society ... cool! Mike and I will be there. We're coming for the weekend ~ can't wait to see you. :)